I’m a midwest-based illustrator focused on the hand-crafted side of graphic design. My work is based on the idea of authenticity and finding the beauty in human error. Something I feel can get lost in modern design. I love the things every artist loves: Mountains, coffee and my wife. I also am an active grappler, which I’ve been doing for the better part of 6 years.


I handcraft unique logos either on paper or an iPad to capture that handmade feel. I’ve

had the opportunity to work with dozens of brands, shops and businesses and

developed some amazing relationships through it. 

A project can consist of anything from a single logo, to package design,

to lettering, signage, business card, ect. Whatever it is, I’m able and willing.

Want to inquire about pricing? I’m currently booking the 2019 season!

Shoot an email to info@taylorpenton.com or give the button below a click